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Toot For  Hundertwasser!Toot For Hundertwasser!

If you see a funky black and white chequered up old Mazda around town this summer, toot your horn for the HAC project and for Katie Nilson its new driver. 

Katie, a 20 year old Uni student, home for the holidays, adopted the Yes Whangarei! campaign’s Mazda Familia a month ago. Made in 1994, the H-Bomb, as it is affectionately known, is older than Katie herself. 

Katie said the car reminds people that the HAC project, also about 22years old, is still going strong with more than 80% of the funds raised already. 

“I feel The HAC will be a big step up for Whangarei, especially after living in Wellington for a year. Wellington is so arty and flatty and vibrant. We need that here.”

Katie said some comparisons can be made between our bohemian capital city and arty Whangarei. “Definitely the Whangarei Town Basin feels like a little hub because of the buzz of people, the Hatea Loop, the cafes and now Te Kakano.”

Public reactions to the H-Bomb itself have been nothing but supportive, Katie said. 

“I encountered one lady taking photos of the car and I thought she was going to hassle me, from her body language. But when I went up to her, she asked if it was my car and said ‘I’m so in love with it! I’d love to buy it off you, it’s so awesome!”

“Pretty much every single day at the traffic lights I’ll get toots and smiles. People are really curious.”

The H-Bomb was wrapped in Hundertwasser style by Frankensignz for the build up to the referendum early last year.  “Now that Te Kakano is completed, it is amazing how the car looks so good parked up next to it”, said HAC volunteer Jenny Hill who was the H Bomb’s first driver.

“With less than 200 days to go until all the funds need to be in place, 2017 is going to be a big year for the project”, Ms Hill added.  “We have come so far with over $13mil raised already but we are not home and hosed yet.  Finding that last $3.25mil isn’t going to be easy.  Nothing about this ground-breaking project is!  But we are all very positive because we know we have great community support out there.”

Katie’s experiences driving the H Bomb show just that! If you see her, don’t forget to give her a toot and a wave. 

Happy Festive Season everyone from the whole volunteer HAC team! Let’s all wish on a star for all the funds to be raised in time so we can begin building this incredible piece of art in Spring next year. 

We have many donation options now, donor recognition schemes to join and fantastic art for sale with all proceeds going straight to the project.

Our special thanks to Property Plus for their awesome support this year. 

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