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Te Kakano Now Open to AllTe Kakano Now Open to All

Whangarei has been all a twitter this week following the official opening of our newest and most stunning tourist attraction, Te Kakano (the Seed) which is situated not far from the Canopy Bridge at the Town Basin.

A huge crowd witnessed the cutting of the ribbon ceremony last Friday making Te Kakano, a stand alone piece of sculptural architecture, now open to the public.  Locals and tourists will be able to sit on a bench seat inside the lower spiral, climb up to the look out on the outer ramp, enjoy the roof top garden and go inside the inner room to see the ceramic columns. Every aspect of the build is unique and tactile, with nothing repeated in the paving, the brickwork, the bespoke iron work, the mosaics and the colourful ceramics.
Te Kakano has been built as a test bed for all the tradesmen and artists who will work on the bigger HAC building hopefully beginning next year if all funds are raised in time.

With Hundertwasser’s no straight lines philosophy, the tilers and brickies have had to “unlearn” their skills and think differently.  By the end of this build they have all become artists and learnt the no repetition rule. It’s all about imitating nature which has no straight lines and no repetitive grids.  Even the floors of Te Kakano are gently undulating.

Approved by the Hundertwasser Foundation in Vienna and designed by local architects Harris Butt, the quality of the workmanship and materials will give everyone who visits Te Kakano a taste of the much bigger HAC building to come.

Funding is at 80% now with $3.25mil still to raise by June next year for the bigger build to proceed. So the project still needs people everywhere to give whatever they can to help make this community led project a reality.

The project team has come up with some cool new ways to acknowledge their supporters.  One of these is our Yes! Tile scheme.

You will see the first batch of these in the groundwork of Te Kakano.  They have been hand inscribed by local potters, The Firebirds, with the names of tradies, suppliers and a random selection of private donors. When all the funds are in, we will start making more of these Yes!Tiles for the surrounds of the HAC complex.  All you have to do at this stage is give at the $500 and $1000 level.  To learn more about Donor Recognition go to our website.

The team has also been working on some art for sale to raise funds.  So far we have prints of Emily Karaka’s exquisite work, a special Dick Frizzell limited edition screen print made just for our project, a Building Stone print also limited edition and screen printed featuring one of Hundertwasser’s paintings from 1982 aptly called Resurrection of Architecture, and a rare Hundertwasser Conservation Week poster from 1974.  All this art can be viewed and purchased by going on-line to:

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