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Northland’s PropertyPlus Information CentreNorthland’s PropertyPlus Information Centre

The PropertyPlus team once again is forging ahead establishing its first one-stop Information Centre in Kaiwaka.  Promoting the concept of living and investing in Northland to the large volume of travellers and visitors to the region, the Centre will emphasise the positives that abound in Northland; positives that far exceed just the natural beauty found here. It’s all about providing information about what is available and who to contact when ready to investigate further.

The Centre’s location is strategically placed on State Highway 1, Kaiwaka, in the shopping hub that’s known as “La Nonna – The Italian Baker” and has been rebranded ‘Gateway to the North – Retail and Information Centre’.  The location is ideal because it is the natural gateway for people travelling to destinations East, West and North. 

Residing in Northland is not just about beautiful coastlines, beautiful harbours and inlets, historic sites and breathtakingly beautiful countryside.  It also offers an enviable lifestyle with an abundance of opportunity to be had, not the least being the ability to lift a business out of the big city, resettle it and operate from the North with much less overheads.  Modern technology allows for all possibilities.  Continued road improvements make the commute to Auckland more accessible in both distance and time and the flow of those migrating north for whatever reason is increasing.  The PropertyPlus Information Centre serves the purpose of showing visitors Northland’s points of difference while also making them aware of new and existing property investment opportunities.

The Information Centre displays information directly relating to property, ranging from traditional to contemporary residential and commercial building companies, subdivisions and property investment as well as real estate companies. Furthermore, it provides the visitor to Northland with valuable information about their destinations. Think maps, brochures and videos relating to leisure activities in Northland.

It is essentially an interactive version of our magazine.  It will provide information on all types of property, leisure and lifestyle available to fit with all budgets. 

It is not a sales pitch – there is no pressure for visitors.  It is all about gaining information about what is available and who to contact when and if you are ready to investigate further.  Companies showcasing products/properties/services will be represented and brochures for reference will be made available in a pleasant and vibrant environment. Multiple digital screens will stream educational and tourism videos that showcase Northland’s diverse differences.

The centre will be open from Tuesday till Sunday, and during those days there will be a host or hostess on site to assist with questions and to ensure required information is at hand.  This representative will also be able to put you in touch with participating companies. The information centre provides a meet-and-greet area for the convenience of all parties should you wish to take your enquiry further.

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