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Is Your Roof Leaking?Is Your Roof Leaking?

The bad weather has us all tucked up inside with the fire/heater on. It is a great feeling when it is cold & wet outside and you are tucked up warm and dry. However, if you are one of the many people in Northland that have a roof leak that feeling of security can very quickly become one of fear and worry.

The weather we have experienced this month has been nothing short of extraordinary. The volume of rain is what is referred to in roofing terms as a deluge. In short, it is at the absolute maximum your roof is designed to deal with. Now if your roof has aged or is not in the absolute top condition you may have had a failure and a leak. Don’t panic!!

Reliance Building and Roof Restoration can help. More often than not your roof can be fixed with a minimum of fuss. Reliance specializes in small repairs and will give you an honest appraisal of what is needed.

I visited a home the other day where they had a weed growing through the roof tile. I pulled it out and the leak was gone. There was another where the homeowner had gutter guard in the valley and it was overflowing. All roofs are designed to disperse water in the most efficient way possible and all takes is something to interfere with that system to cause an issue.

Don’t sit in a leaky home Google “Reliance Building Whangarei” or call Adam on 0211954554 now and let us help. 

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