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Assisted Home Ownership
Home ownership changes every aspect of a family’s life.

Owning a home is different from renting. With the home purchase comes the pride of ownership, a sense of belonging and most of all stability. Secure housing improves a family’s well-being and allows the family to stay in a neighbourhood for as long as they want and become an on-going contributor to their community.

For those who otherwise would never have been able to buy their own home
In New Zealand home ownership numbers are decreasing and the costs for owning a home are going up. For many kiwi families an own home remains out of reach. Through the Assisted Home Ownership programme from Habitat, owning a home becomes a reality.

A hand up – not a hand out
Habitat’s Assisted Home Ownership programme is not a give-away programme. Families invest 500 hours of their time to build their own home or those of others. Once their home is completed the family makes affordable regular repayments to Habitat at a no profit basis. Our rent-then-buy model helps families build up a deposit which they can use when seeking independent finance and buy their home from Habitat.

Partner families’ monthly payments go into a revolving fund held by Habitat. This fund is reinvested into the community, as it is used to build more homes for families in housing need.

Ongoing family support
The partnership with Habitat doesn’t stop when the house is finished. Habitat works with the family from the time of selection and during the repayment period to provide assistance in the move towards home ownership. This covers areas such as home maintenance, monitoring repayments and other assistance as needed.

Families invest 500 hours of their time to build their home or that of others alongside Habitat and volunteers.

The family makes regular repayments to pay for their home. These payments are reinvested through a revolving fund allowing Habitat to build more homes.

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