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An Introduction On What Is To Come…. With Annwen ThorneAn Introduction On What Is To Come…. With Annwen Thorne

I didn’t spend my childhood rearranging the furniture or zhooshing cushions! I was too busy adventuring and exploring, usually with a sibling or two in tow, around the farmland and bush that surrounded us.  When I wasn’t outside, I could be found in my mothers’ art studio, immersed in a range of creative activities, often attempting to make clothes for myself or furnishings for my dolls house, and generally out of her very best fabric. Those years of creative freedom ignited my desire to create and informed my decision to be a designer.

I was once told that my decision to study interior design was unwise.  I hadn’t the family lineage, nor the right social circles and I hadn’t even been to finishing school! And yet, here I am after years of study at Massey University and Unitec, with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Interior, and many years work experience behind me.

There is a popular misconception that interior design is only about cushions, curtains and colourful walls, and that Interior Designers are all glamourous woman with fancy voices and beautiful clothing.

At university we were taught nothing about cushions and how to zhoosh them! Or how to look exquisite while doing it! Instead we learnt about Spatial Design – and no not outer-space, interior space. We were taught to understand how the interior spaces affect those who experience it, how people feel and re-act to a space. We studied sustainability and building science, along with technical drawing.

After graduating from University I gained full-time employment with a local engineering and architecture firm I had worked in while studying. I spent 8 years there, mostly working on Commercial projects in the Health and Education sectors. After having a couple of little ones, and some contract work somehow slotted in between, plus one gap year back in Wellington, we returned to Whangarei and began our second residential building project in Parua Bay, and I landed a new job at Landmark Homes, Northland as a consultant and designer helping clients through the design, selections and building process. And I absolutely love it!

My contribution to the Property Plus magazine will include a wide range of interior design focused topics, from commercial fit-outs to styling tips and tricks. I hope you find the reading enjoyable and informative!

I’d love to hear your feedback on any of my topics and am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss Interior/Spatial Design with my community.

See you soon,
Annwen Thorne

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