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Market Update with Carie Townley

Inhabitant: 07, Sep 2016

Banks Given Breathing Space With LVR Ahead Of Spring Selling Season

Spend Money Where You Spend Your Time

Spend Money Where You Spend Your Time

Inhabitant: 17, Feb 2016

Once you’ve saved money, where should you spend it in order to maximise your happiness? To answer that, just look at what you spend your day doing, proportionally, and allocate money accordingly.

How To Get Ahead On Your Home Loan with Carie Townley

Inhabitant: 12, Aug 2015

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced the second rate cut for 2015 in July, lowering the official cash rate to 3 per cent. As lenders respond to the consecutive reductions, now is a better time than ever to get ahead on your home loan.

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